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I would sell my snow boots for a cappuccino right now...

sunny -2 °C

And that is saying something because there is a lot of snow here and I would probably get severe frostbite and lose some toes! But seriously, it seems that cafe style coffee is a rarity in Jasper, all they have is this weird filtered stuff that tastes like instant :(

That, however, is my one and only complaint about Jasper! The town is absolutely beautiful, the weather has been freezing but sunny and everyone working here is really friendly. Last night we pretty much crashed as soon as we got back to the hotel because we were so exhausted from having no sleep on the bus ride and then a big day of walking around so we just had dinner at the lodge here and went to bed early. I think Nick watched some movie on the TV but I was out of it as soon as I lay down so don't really have a clue what it was, lol.

This morning we woke up nice and early and got picked up from our lobby by the SunDog Tour bus and went on a wildlife tour around all different areas of the Jasper National Park. There was one other family in the bus who were funnily enough from Brisbane and who were really friendly and we all seemed very happy for a chance to chat to some Aussies for the morning. The mum reminded me soooo much of you Mum!! She kept making these jokes and all the kids would groan at her and she asked us if we were on our honeymoon!!??? (Does that remind you of the trip we did in New Zealand mum??) Our tour guide was really cool and he showed us some absolutely breath taking places! Some of the lakes around here are huge and he said in the summer people do hiking trips and canoe camping where they just head out of the town with a backpack and a canoe and head over to a far side of one of the lakes then camp there for a few days. Sounds like an awesome trip to me so I have made up my mind to come back in summer and do that!! I can think of a few people back home who would love that kind of camping trip as well :) We also got to see quite a few wild animals. I can't remember the names of them all but Nick says we saw Elk, Mule Deer, Coyotes, White Tailed Deer, Red Squirrel and Big Horned Sheep. He got some really cool photos of the animals and of the scenery so check out his facebook album if you want to see a few, but once again, no matter how good the pics are they just don't do justice to how amazing the real thing is! Everyone needs to come on a trip to Canada!!!

When we got back we went into the town again and just wandered around for a bit and got some lunch then headed back to the lodge. It's a bit of a sleepy town so we are getting a chance to catch up on rest after some full on days in Vancouver. Oh, there is a lot of ice on the pathways outside so Nick and I were sliding around on it today and he nearly fell over once so I started mocking him and then slipped as well. That caused us to laugh so hard the guy on the other side of the road looked at us like we were going crazy...

Some other info I have noticed for you guys back home is that it's crazy how many differences there are between our speech and the way they speak here. Not only in the accent but also what sort of words and phrases get used and the inflections they give some of their statements. Like back home when you ask "How are you?" we put the emphasis on the word "you" but over here they put it on the "are". Makes it sound like less of a question but just more something they say out of habit. Also, they seriously say "Eh" after everything! They don't know what you're talking about when you say "bogan" and they laugh at the fact that we use the word "heaps" all the time. We have noticed the phrase "Yeah, you bet ya, eh" a lot and also "no way, eh!". So there are just some musings from an English teacher for you :) Can't wait to get to Nigel and Allison to discuss these findings and see what they think!! Nick and I also recon we can give the accent a pretty good go now that we've been around it for a while, haha.

Anyway, enough stories from me. I need to go and get the washing that I put on from downstairs and hang it up before it freezes! We are going to a church service tonight at a little Baptist Church that we found round the corner from our lodge and that we thought might be nice to go to and hopefully meet a few more people :) Seriously missing everyone back home and looking forward to Christmas day tomorrow! Oh and just realised that it is Christmas day for you guys over there now so MERRY CHRISTMAS from both of us!!! Miss you all!
Love Claire and Nick

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