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New Years Eve in Canada!

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So the last time I blogged was at a ridiculous hour of the night after the hockey game and the night before New Years Eve. Getting a bit lazy with my blogs because we are having too much fun over here :) Sorry mum, will try harder!! That next day Nick and I went on a road trip to Prince Albert with Ryan because he had to get a laptop so let us come along for the ride. Think it was about a 2 hour drive there and the roads were so straight and the view was so flat that it was just like being back home and on my way to the farm! Was good fun though so didn't seem long and there were a number of freaky moments due to the icy roads being so slippery and some crazy woman pulling out into the wrong lane and driving straight towards us!! After we went to the computer place Ryan took us out to this little park called Little Red River where they had a fairly small hill that you could ski and snowboard off. Nick was heaps excited about that as you can imagine! We just wandered around for a bit there, it was really pretty and looks like somewhere that would be awesome for a picnic in summer. Then we toured round Prince Albert for a bit (smaller than Toowoomba so not much to see! haha) then headed back home. Got back in the afternoon after spending some time sliding around in empty car parks so Ryan could show us just how much cool stuff the cars could do on the ice!!! Nick was loving it and I was trying not to freak out too much, was heaps fun but just a really unnatural feeling to slide so smoothly in the car... Then we played cards with Allison and Nigel and their friends Rikki and Kelly. Kelly is a magician so over the last few days he has been amazing us all with his tricks and now Nick has decided that he's going to become a magician. Kelly taught him a few so everyone back home prepare to be shocked by Nick's sick card skills when we get back! lol.

For dinner we went out to a place called East Side Mario's with Nig, Allison, Rikki, Kelly, Dale, Alexa, Jess, Greg, Ryan and Carter and then we all went ice skating outside in this little rink they have set up near one of the really lovely old buildings in the centre of the city. Ice skating was soooo much fun!!! I wasn't particularly smooth at it but some of the guys were very good so Nick and I managed to learn a little. Skates are unbelievably uncomfortable though so that was not cool and now my ankles are all bruised... totally worth it though! Even got to do some cool tricks like go backwards and go really fast (was getting carried or pushed for those though so don't think that counts as skill?? haha)

Once we'd all lost feeling in our faces from the cold we headed back to the Summach's place to play some games and watch the New Year in. At one stage there were 8 of us playing Saboteur sitting round the glass table and Carter was lying underneath looking up at us all. She was so happy because it was like she was the centre of attention, haha. Then just after New Years we had some fireworks of our own which was very cool! Not illegal over here so apparently you can just buy them at places like Wal-mart or Canadian Tire or they also have fireworks shops. Most people left pretty soon after midnight then and a few of us chatted for a while before crashing! All in all was a really fun New Years Eve!

Today we got up (I was running late because my alarm didn't work and then I burnt my neck with my hair straightener so now it is so sore and has a full on blister!!) and went to church with Nigel, Allison, Dale and Ryan and then after that went back to Nig and Allison's place and had some really nice noodles. Unfortunately though they did have peanuts!! I thought I was doing pretty well but after a while it was getting heaps worse and my asthma puffer was doing nothing so Ryan drove me back to the Summach's to get my stuff for it. Massive thankyou to him!! haha

Tonight we went to Allison's aunt's place for a New Years dinner with some of her extended family so was really nice to meet them and once again had an amazing meal and then played this new card game called Bang! which was pretty cool. We were all so exhausted, though, that we didn't last long and headed back to their place to help pack up a bit before heading back home to crash. So now that I have caught you up to date with our awesome adventures over here, crashing is exactly what I'm going to do! Good night and Happy New Year to you all!
Love Claire

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